Construction of Residential Building - Amarelo Project

  • Date/Data: 03.2017 - 05.2017
  • Service/Usługa: Health, Safety and Environmental Management / Zarządzanie BHP i Ochroną Środowiska
  • Type of Project/Rodzaj projektuResidential Building / Nieruchomość mieszkaniowa
  • Local/LokalizacjaWroclaw Polska
Amarelo project consists of 87 functional apartments with the area of 35-80 sq. m. Three buildings with three residential floors surround the interior courtyard with a carefully arranged greenery and a playground. With regards to its location on the north-south route, the property offers apartments with an attractive exposure. Apartments have been designed in such a way that it is possible to separate the kitchen. All floors have access to comfortable and spacious lift.
A publicly available courtyard will be a cosy and green place of relax. A part of the courtyard is intended for a playground. Taking into consideration the needs of families with children, apartments on the ground floor enable access to terraces and gardens.
A lane of trees from the side of local road and hedges near windows on the ground floor are only some of the carefully studied solutions of landscape architecture within Amarelo project. Their main aim is to ensure the comfort and the sense of intimacy.

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